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Syrup Syrup

My name is Chris Hodgson and I am a Professional Digital Artist and Web Developer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

This website is a portfolio of my exemplary multimedia work which I have developed during my time studying for my degree, and during my 5 years experience working as a Learning Technologies and Materials Developer at a top North East University.

I hope that you find this selection of my favourite work both creative and engaging.

Syrup Syrup

Colourful & Creative

Web Design and New Media

My passion is to create work that stands out in terms of colour and imagination.

Coming from a graduate multimedia design background I possess the craftsmanship to design visually creative work, and combined with my continuing knowledge of web development I strive to create web concepts that are practical and engaging to my clients.

See the latest E-Commerce website that I have produced for my newest client, Zissou.


Explore Further And

Discover Something New

My showcase of work is more than just another graphic design portfolio.

I have an active interest in all aspects of digital design and enjoy experimenting in different fields, combining my skills which I use daily in my profession with new programing languages and techniques to create something new and special.

Explore my portfolios to see some of the latest projects I am engaged in, including smart phone application and music design.

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